Event Calendar

Omaha National Cemetery Support Committee 2020 Calendar

HiWay Clean-Up

There will be no scheduled hi-way clean-up.  This event will be rescheduled at a later date.

Flag Placement

There will be no organized Flag Placement.  Families and Friends visiting the Cemetery are welcome to place flags during the Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day Commemoration

In accordance with strict guide lines set by the National Cemetery Administration no coordinated Memorial Day Ceremonies may be held at the Cemetery. Flags were placed on all graves by a private organization.  Visitors are welcome.  Please respect others and make your visit brief if others are waiting. A private ceremony was held Memorial Day

Flag Pick-Up

Restricted to Cemetery Staff.  Grounds will be monitored by Cemetery Staff.

ONCSC Meeting

MILLARD VFW POST 8334 5083 S. 136TH STREET, Omaha

Open to the public